AGRA supports Babban Gona

Bala Emmanuel and Mary Dauda are two Babban Gona members featured in this article on the transformation of the smallholder segment. Prior to joining Babban Gona, they lacked access to quality inputs at affordable prices and practiced traditional agronomic techniques that resulted in low yields. However, upon membership in the program, they both observed that their yields doubled with applications of the training, high-quality input seeds, fertilizers and herbicides that Babban Gona provides. In addition, they have been able increase their incomes through the premiums that selling through Babban Gona attracts. These increased earnings enabled Mary to send her children to a good school.

Also interviewed was Sam Uloko, a Senior Member Services Supervisor at Babban Gona, who commented that despite initially struggling to attract members, the organization is meeting its targets to raise smallholders out of poverty.

AGRA is partnering with Babban Gona to set up a comprehensive training and development program know as “Farm University” and eventually establish 50 farmer learning centers where farmers can gain knowledge about Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM).

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