Ibrahim Mustapha

Ibrahim is a well-respected farmer in his rural village of Katsinawa Fulani, in Kaduna. A peaceful community made up of hardworking farmers of multiple faiths. Every day, Ibrahim wakes up at the crack of dawn to diligently care for his farm to ensure his family’s livelihood.

Before joining Babban Gona, Ibrahim struggled to access the knowledge, credit and required inputs to be a successful farmer. He would scrape together what little savings he had and travel several kilometers to buy the agricultural inputs he could afford. Ibrahim would pay highly inflated prices for poor quality often adulterated products, such as a bag of fertilizer that is mostly sand. Due to his inability to access quality affordable inputs, despite all his hard work, Ibrahim would attain yields as low as 20% of farmers in other developing countries. Finally, due to his weak position in the value chain Ibrahim was often taken advantage of by unscrupulous actors, preventing him from getting a good price for his meager harvest.

This was life for Ibrahim until he joined Babban Gona. Ibrahim now has access to high quality low cost agricultural inputs on credit, delivered directly to his farm. Ibrahim receives knowledge on how to improve his yields and produce premium products. Finally, Ibrahim is no longer in a weak position in the value chain as Babban Gona aggregates and markets all the premium products Babban Gona members choose to sell, getting them a good price. Ibrahim’s maize yields in his 1st year in Babban Gona were 3 times higher than the average Nigerian Farmer’s yields, enabling him to make approximately $1,000 from his 1.1 hectare farm net of his Babban Gona loan. Babban Gona in one year catapulted Ibrahim out of poverty, enabling him to earn an income on par with the per capita GDP of Nigeria.

“I am so happy, with Babban Gona I have plenty of money in my pocket and healthy maize for my family to eat. My children are already looking healthier I can barely lift my 8-year-old. He’s the fattest in the village.”
-Ibrahim Mustapha

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