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Our Belief

At Babban Gona, we believe… That similar to other major economies, Nigeria must leverage its gifts of land, water, labor and markets to become a global agricultural powerhouse, before it can unlock its full economic potential. Smallholder farmers hold the key to our agricultural future. That by providing these smallholder farmers access to enhanced, high quality, cost-effective...

Our Challenge

Low economies of scale Nigerian smallholder farmers remain poor due to several factors including but not limited to land fragmentation, broken value chains, poor access to finance, inadequate cash flow, lack of extension services, and limited access to good markets. These factors create low economies of scale that systemically keep farmers in a cycle of poverty.   « Our Belief Our...

Our Solution

The Babban Gona agriculture franchise overcomes a key underlying structural problem that keeps Nigerian smallholder  farmers poor – low economies of scale. Utilizing a sustainable private sector model, Babban Gona provides cost effective end-to-end services to a network of franchise farmer groups. Our Franchise Model Babban Gona Franchises Farmer Groups Babban Gona provides...

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